6 week-old baby saved


Young woman meets six-week-old baby she saved in city car-park

Nikita Hutch (21) used her skills in CPR to rescue the six-week-old boy who stopped breathing on Tuesday evening (2nd December) in Dublin’s Iliac Centre car-park.

The baby’s face had turned purple while sitting in the backseat of his parents’ car.

Today, after an appeal; for the baby’s family to come forward, she met the new-born at Temple Street Hospital.

Her friend Kirstie Delaney said it was an emotional and amazing reunion.

“To see the happy-ness (sic) of joy in the baby’s daddy’s face as he hugged and kissed and tanked (sic) her… was just amazing,” she posted on her Facebook page.

“She is an angel.”

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Nikita and her aunt were returning from a shopping trip when they noticed the commotion and saw loads of cars stopped and a big crowd and people screaming.

She told that her aunt picked up the baby and she ran and grabbed it from her.

“I put him on his belly, on his back, I just kept on going,” she continued.

“He wasn’t moving at all, he was just like a little doll. I put him down on my lap and put two fingers on his chest and started compressions.

“Then I turned him over and kept his face in my hand for support. Then I started doing mouth-to-mouth and CPR.”

The child finally started crying and breathing again after being in Nikita’s arms for over ten minutes.

An ambulance arrived and brought the baby and his parents to Temple Street Children’s Hospital.