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Where is the nearest Restart a Heart event nearest you?

We are always looking to make ”the chain” stronger. You do this by all the community training and CPR awareness you carry out. The following is a European event, which focuses on CPR and emergency awareness and which we here in Ireland are supporting.


European Restart a Heart Day                                              is designed to raise awareness about out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) and to improve public knowledge about resuscitation, particularly CPR. The Irish ”Restart a Heart” initiative is being championed by the OHCA Strategy Committee.

World Restart a Heart Day is on October 16th. However, there will be events taking place all over the country, starting the Monday before (Oct. 9th)

We would like all Community First Responders to be involved with the European Restart a Heart initiative: instructors, group members and supporters.

Please feel free to invite other groups to join you in getting the ”Restart a Heart”  message out. Groups like: the local Fire Service, Civil Defence, Red Cross, Order of Malta, St. John Ambulance, Civil Defence, OFAs, FARs, sports coaches etc. etc. The more the merrier!

If you would like to host an event and would like to register please send an email to

Please note, we will only contact you if you have requested it. No personal details will be shared with any of the other agencies involved with ”Restart a Heart” without your written permission. All information received by CFR Ireland will be stored securely.

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How to use an AED


  1. Confirm patient is unconscious, no breathing, no pulse.
  2. Turn on the AED and follow the voice & visual prompts.
  3. Attach electrode pads to patient’s bare chest (male or female) as indicated.
  4. Stop CPR and do not touch patient while AED analysing.
  5. Deliver a shock by pressing flashing red light if indicated.

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